I would highly recommend this place for your wedding gown. Large selection and great prices. We purchased a gown and a gun the same day there!

Kayla Turner

its a nice country store with a lot of stuff from fishing and hunting to wedding dresses to grocery


Great place for guns, wedding gowns and all sorts of other things

Jackie Giles

For this city slicker, Hussey's is practically an exotic Shangri-la. They may be famous for their wedding gowns sold alongside cold beer but to me the charm of the store is in the three floors, packed full of everything one needs... and a menagerie of things you didn't know you needed. Vintage Muskets? They have 'em. Fishing supplies? Yep! Hardware and household goods- obviously. Spices, trapping supplies, fur pelts, knives, children's toys, gifts for friends, humorous decor, used books, vintage items, clothing, a full market, fishing licenses and lotto- you get the idea.
Pick up a Hussey's shirt while you're at it, they are a conversation starter.


Great store. The guy up stairs is very very knowledgeable with the guns. And down stairs today I was helped by a big bald guy,"name unknown". He went out if his way to help me and find a solution to the problem. Great customer service from both employees.

Austin Foster

If you can't find at Hussey's General Store you don't need it! Check it out you won't be disappointed

Mad Hatter